Standard Massage

Anything but standard...Experience the ultimate in relaxation from our massage with the fusion of eastern, western and combined multiple bodywork techniques.
Feel the result of a renewed well-being and beauty that comes from within.

Swedish massage

1st time to get a massage? Start your experience like no other. Our holistically focused practitioners will always lubricate your skin with luxurious essential oils and perform various strokes to warm up your tired muscle tissues to release tension and promote relaxation.

Thai massage

You always wanted to try yoga, but never get around to it...Let us do the work for you. While Swedish massage permits you to zone out and relax. Thai massage will make you become more engaged and energized. This holistic approach promotes balance and focus not only of your body, but also your mind.


In need of a good pain? This massage hurts so good with the use of fingers and palm pressure. An age-old traditional Japanese massage that will balance the natural flow of energy through your body making you feel relax and at ease.


Shiatsu & Swedish